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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen two other dentists and both have told me that my only options are surgery or extended orthodontics. Can you help me?

We deal with “hopeless” situations every day, and we have yet to find one that could not be corrected. We will happily give you a free consultation so you can see what your options truly are.

I’m very nervous about how I will look when we’re done with my treatment. Can you help me feel more at ease about the outcome?

We take all the uncertainty out of the equation. In addition to the computer imaging discussed above, we take it to the next level: we take impressions of your teeth and make full-size models. We then do the dental work on those models, creating a mock-up so you can see exactly what we’re doing. Next, instead of placing standard temporaries on your teeth, which at best can generally be described as unattractive, we do a “trial smile.” What this means is Dr. Reilly carves custom, perfect temporaries in your mouth. This enables him to make sure the final restorations will not affect your speech or how your lips feel. We liken it to taking a car out for a test drive or kicking the tires, so to speak. Before we proceed with the final restorations, you have to be crazy about your Trial Smile. So when the permanents come back from the lab, it’s a slam-dunk every time.

What payment options to you offer?

In our suburban, middle-class town, we are very proud to offer the type of world-class dentistry most people would expect to find only in places like Manhattan or Beverly Hills. One of the ways we’re able to do this is to offer a range of financing options. Financial arrangements are made on an individual basis and can include anything from a discount for prepayment in full to spreading payments out over five years. In addition, we work with several credit companies.

What are Smile Analysis and Smile Design?

Basically, these are the things making the difference between going to a regular dentist or to a cosmetic expert. The cosmetic expert takes into account a number of very subtle things affecting the look of your smile, such as the proportion of one tooth to another, a gummy vs. hidden-gum smile, a long or round face, and a dark or light complexion. We analyze your existing smile and take into account your natural features to help us design your new smile.

I want my front teeth to look better, but I don’t want to wear braces. What do you recommend?

We’re so glad you asked! “Instant orthodontics” is one of our specialties. In today’s hectic world, few people have time in their schedules for regular orthodontics appointments. We can fix crooked, crowded teeth in just one appointment. Sometimes we’ll treat a patient who, for example, has come to us after four years of orthodontia. Before the braces, he had brown-stained, crooked teeth. After the braces, he has brown-stained, straight teeth. Had he come to us four years ago, he could have had then the straight, uniformly colored, perfect teeth he has now.

I brush my teeth regularly, but my breath just isn’t fresh. What can I do?

In the vast majority of cases, chronic bad breath is the result of gum disease or another oral problem. Because it can be entirely painless, gum disease can go unnoticed by patients. Instead of trying to mask bad breath with mouthwash, we can find and treat the cause, oftentimes saving a patient’s teeth when he or she didn’t even know there was a danger.

I am very uneasy when I visit a dentist. Can you help me to relax?

Most people who are fearful about going to the dentist are concerned about the potential for pain. We don’t like things to hurt either! That’s why we offer 100% pain-free dentistry. Dr. Reilly administers anesthesia in such a way that patients don’t even realize he has done it. Some patients elect to take a prescription medication to help them relax, and still others like to sleep through the whole thing. We will do whatever it takes to make your experience here as positive and pleasant as possible.

Do you accept referrals?

Not only do we accept referrals, we rely on them. For most general dentists, the majority of the procedures they perform involve some sort of recall appointment, such as filling cavities. But we work from a completely different paradigm: when we complete a smile makeover, our patient may not need dental work again, with the exception of hygiene and maintenance. We gladly accept referrals from patients and other dentists alike.

Can you show me what my smile will look like ahead of time?

Yes! Imaging software used in conjunction with our intra-oral camera as well as standard digital cameras enable us to create an accurate preview for you. We use a combination of technologies to create an impressive Power Point® presentation illustrating before and after views of your individual teeth as well as your full smile.

How does Dr. Reilly stay up-to-date on current techniques and materials?

Dr. Reilly takes a tremendous amount of post-graduate continuing education courses to ensure he is always up-to-date on the latest methods, materials and technology. In addition, he is an instructor at the highest level of training that exists in the world; more advanced training simply does not exist.