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I’m very nervous about how I will look when we’re done with my treatment. Can you help me feel more at ease about the outcome?

We take all the uncertainty out of the equation. In addition to the computer imaging discussed above, we take it to the next level: we take impressions of your teeth and make full-size models. We then do the dental work on those models, creating a mock-up so you can see exactly what we’re doing. Next, instead of placing standard temporaries on your teeth, which at best can generally be described as unattractive, we do a “trial smile.” What this means is Dr. Reilly carves custom, perfect temporaries in your mouth. This enables him to make sure the final restorations will not affect your speech or how your lips feel. We liken it to taking a car out for a test drive or kicking the tires, so to speak. Before we proceed with the final restorations, you have to be crazy about your Trial Smile. So when the permanents come back from the lab, it’s a slam-dunk every time.

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