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Local Anesthetic Reversal with OraVerse

44Advanced Dentistry in Middlesex, NJ was the first dental office in Central New Jersey to offer OraVerse, a new product which reverses the effects of local anesthesia. After treatment requiring local anesthesia, you’ll be able to return to your normal routine more quickly. It cuts the time of being numb in half and is administered after treatment is completed. It is the first and only local anesthetic reversal agent that accelerates the return to normal sensation and function for patients who want to avoid the unwanted and unnecessary lingering soft tissue numbness after routine dental procedures. OraVerse was recently FDA approved for children and adults. The active ingredient is phentolamine mesylate which has been used in other medical applications for the last 50 years.

Research has shown that OraVerse can minimize post-procedure drooling and allow you to begin drinking, speaking, and smiling normally much sooner — in fact, you recover from the effects of local anesthetic about twice as fast with OraVerse. For those who actually avoid dental care because they so dislike the hours of after effects associated with local anesthetic, OraVerse offers an alternative.