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What Our Patients Say

I have not been to a dentist in a very long time so I was hesitant to say the least. I have seen the commercials and also visited the website for Advanced Dentistry several times before actually calling to schedule an appointment. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of all of the staff. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and really like I had been a client for years! I was nervous when I arrived but right at home by the time I left. I also loved that the dental hygienist and Dr. Reilly were both very informative and took the time to explain their process and all of the options available to me. This was such a very pleasant experience, I have definitely found my new dentist.

Jaimi S.

The staff member Stacey was wonderful. She understood the importance of seeing a qualified dentist right away. Not only did they answer the phones but set an appointment ASAP. I was in the process of screening four dentist from IOMTA qualified for amalgam filling removal. Advanced Dentistry was the most responsive, most professional. The staff are warm welcoming and makes ou feel comfortable. Doctor allayed all my fears.

Sonya C.

When I had to reschedule my appointment, Stacey is always there to pick up and provide assistance. Joyce has been the best since I started coming to Advanced Dentistry for my routine cleanings. She takes good notes and can pick up conversations 6 months a part from one another. Demonstrates she cares. Dr. Reilly and the whole staff are great at what they do and its like Cheers when I arrive. Where everybody knows your name.

Anthony F.


Beautiful Teeth That Last

Dr. Reilly and his wonderful staff have always been professional and very informative. They are caring, kind and very attentive. They even make homemade bread in the office and share it with the patients. Thank you for everything!

Cathy K.


How Has Cosmetic Dentistry Changed Your Life?

Dear Dr. Reilly,

I can’t believe the joy I feel today after just having a root canal. The only other root canal I had left me in terrific pain for two weeks. I prepared for the same torture this time. I was shaking so badly that morning, you would have thought I had Parkinson’s.

Well, I felt no pain at all during the procedure. And your wife’s comforting touch during the needles was a blessing! The hour flew and I couldn’t believe you were done. But then came the wait for the novacaine to wear off. I sat in fear for several hours until I realized I was no longer numb and there was NO PAIN!!! Such a relief, I cried with joy. I can’t believe I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep and still no pain. I’ve done nothing but toss and turn at night since I scheduled this procedure. I can’t thank you enough!

Although I can’t say it was a pleasure, I’ll thank god every day for your wonderful skills and kindness. God sent me an angel in you! I can’t thank you enough.

Karen T.


Liz and Sedation Dentistry

We appreciate hearing about our patients’ experiences at Advanced Dentistry in Middlesex, NJ. We love to read about the impact a great dental staff and great dentistry has on their lives. Here are a few examples of comments patients have sent to us. We also invite you to read the comments other patients are posting online about Dr. Reilly and his team, including on our Facebook page.


While travelling, a woman approached me and apologized for staring at my smile as I was speaking with her husband. The woman, who was a very sought after cosmetic dentist in California, complimented my smile, saying that my dentist is a true perfectionist. Thank you for giving me a stunning smile, and keep up the great work!

– Gordon


Extreme Dental Phobia & Root Canals

Dear Dr. Reilly,

I  would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you and your staff do to make your clients feel welcome.  You have opened a world for my Mom that I thought we would never see.  She only receives social security and her funds are limited . We try to help as much as possible.  If it was not for your empathy, kindness and good heart, my Mom would still have bad teeth .

My Mom is from a family of twelve.  When her mother passed away, she was fourteen years old and had to put her life on hold.  Sometimes in life, circumstance   make you feel like you are not worthy of good things and you have proven that to be wrong.  As parents, you pray that God will let you  see your children grow up to be safe, healthy and make good choices.  My prayer is that my Mom experiences good things, before she leaves this world.


Overcame Dental Phobia And Loves Her New Smile

Again, thank you for being the person you are.  Your spouse is the “Rose” that stands out in the garden.  You are truly blessed.  Wishing you , family and staff lots of sunny days filled with love, friendship, kindness, good health and the appreciation of a good life.

– Ida J.

“I would like to take this time to thank you for changing my life. Now instead of people making unnecessary comments about my teeth they compliment me and wish theirs were as nice as mine. I would also like to thank all of your staff for making me feel important and comfortable. I will never forget you”

– Lisa F (Middlesex, NJ)


Periodontist Dr. Tracy Ginsburg

“I never thought going to the dentist would be so stress-free. I am absolutely delighted with the state of my mouth at this time. The quality of your work is first rate. Up to this point, I have focused mainly on the quality of your dental practice. I would be remiss not to mention what wonderful people you and your staff are. Everyone in your office is a pleasure to deal with, and they all go out of their way to make sure I’m at ease. I’ve been to a number of dental practices in my life, and I have to say that yours is the best for quality, caring dentistry.”

– Steve S., Regional Director of Medtronic, Inc.

“I never realized how much I was wearing my teeth away! Looking back at my before photos, now I realize that my teeth were pretty worn and flat. My new teeth look and feel great. Others have also noticed, as I have been receiving many compliments. Thanks again for restoring my smile while saving me from future problems.”

– Todd R. (Hackettstown, NJ)


Creative Durable Dental Solutions

“Who would have ever thought that a trip to the dentist would be a respite from the rigors of the work-a-day world! With dentists like you Ralph—there are lots of reasons to smile!”

– Regan H., Managing Editor of NJ Life Magazine

“Now, happily, I must admit for the first time in my adult life I constantly find myself with one very, very big smile! It is so natural and beautiful that I want to say once again, thank you, and I am so grateful for having found you!!”

– Catherine J. (Martinsville, NJ)

“Dr. Reilly worked his magic! I don’t imagine many people say thank you to dentists, or their staff, but I am truly thrilled with the way my case was handled. I love the way my mouth looks and feels.”

– Stan E. (Middlesex, NJ)

“Dr. Reilly…you really did an excellent job and I can truly say that you have restored my faith and trust in the dental profession. I look forward to my visits with both you and your friendly and competent staff.”

– Mary Ann K. (Middlesex, NJ)


John- Enjoy Restored Confidence With A Smile Makeover

“Maybe, Dr. Reilly, can’t walk on water or again maybe he can, but he did perform a miracle on my teeth”

– Stanley K. (Middlesex, NJ)

“ I have always felt very self conscious and would hide my mouth whenever I had to smile or laugh. During our consultation every question I had was answered by you, with care and confidence. While you were working on my teeth, you were very concerned about my comfort and went out of your way to make sure I understood every step during the procedures. I receive compliments every day and I owe them all to you. You are true professional and I will highly recommend you and your staff to everyone who asks me about my smile. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

– Bonnie M. (Peabody, MA)


Cynthia- Invest In Your Smile

“When it was all over, I was amazed at the excellent job you did. If it wasn’t for me showing off my new teeth, no one could tell they were capped. The color matches perfectly with my other teeth and they feel just like my own. I am extremely happy with my teeth and I would recommend your work to anyone looking for a “GOOD DENTIST” (like yourself) who keeps up with all the new technology, does excellent work, and takes pride in what he has accomplished.”

– Ellen S. (Piscataway, NJ)

“Words cannot express my very deep appreciation for everything you’ve done for me. You are so kind and helpful. You also have a wonderful staff that make me feel like family when I come into your office.”

– Barbara R. (Flemington, NJ)


Restore Confidence In Your Smile at Advanced Dentistry

“In my sales work it’s increasingly necessary to look good. As we say in real estate, “there’s no such thing as a 2nd First Impression!” That applies to many situations in today’s competitive business world. Thank you for an incredibly comfortable experience.”

– Anne D., RE/MAX (Bedminster Office)

“I have had my wonderful new bridge for over a month now, and I am so pleased to say that I feel like I have my own teeth back. They are both beautiful and functional and I love them. This has proved to be one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Not only did I get my teeth taken care of, but as a bonus, I have also had what I call a “mini face-lift.” In fixing my teeth, you also fixed my bite, which in turn helped remove some deep lines in my chin area. As my ninety-one year old father said when he saw me with my new dental work, “The dentist fixed your chin!” Thanks again.”

– Marianne L. (Basking Ridge, NJ)

“As you know, my primary reason for getting the work done was for comfort. Knowing what I know now and seeing the results, I would have done it just for cosmetic reasons. I benefited twofold; I now have a bite that is greatly improved relieving jaw pain, and I have a smile befitting a movie star without the movie star price tag. Not only did you work in a quick turnaround, you did it with such precision and perfectionism all while presenting such a nice persona. I’m so glad that I found you! It’s always such a pleasure to visit your office with your equally delightful and talented staff.”

– Judy F. (Hillsborough, NJ)

“Dr. Reilly’s answer to my crooked and crowded teeth was “instant orthodontics”. At first, I was skeptical, particularly due to the degree of my situation. But, after getting answers to my questions, I gained confidence both in the team and in the procedure. The transformation was beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks to Dr. Reilly and his team for a job well done and making me a believer.”

– Robert L. (Asbury, NJ)

“I thank you for giving me my life back! I had to teach myself to smile again because I haven’t smiled in so long. My smile is now beautiful and everyone deserves to feel the way I do now. Lots of heartfelt thanks.”

– Linda C. (Somerville, NJ)

“How do I begin to thank you for changing my life? The magic you performed on my smile has changed the way I view everything about myself. The very first time I walked into your office, I knew I was in the right place. Well, now let me tell you what happened when I returned to work sporting my new smile after my summer break. One of my friends at work asked, “Are you using a new make-up? You look great.” Someone else asked, “Do you have a new haircut?” My smile looks so natural that my teeth don’t jump out at people, but just subtly look great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

– Patty P. (Bridgewater, NJ)


There’s Nothing Like Feeling Good About Your Dental Health

“It’s been over a year since my smile make-over. And I still get compliments all the time. Dr. Reilly you were able to fix in just three hours what took years to destroy. People need to know how gifted you are, every time I get a compliment on my beautiful smile I tell everyone about you and your team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Linda C.

“I had lived with a gap in my two front teeth for a good part of my 32 years. I was resigned to live with a gap in my teeth if there were no clear alternatives. But five minutes into the consultation, something unexpected happened. Dr. Reilly and I were discussing the health of my teeth and mouth, not necessarily the “look” I may have striving to attain. He explained that I was a grinder; that I ground my teeth at night. While I’d never discussed this possibility before, the theory that within a few years they would continue to become more transparent and would eventually chip away seemed perfectly logical to me. So, with the help of his wonderful staff, Dr. Reilly and I developed a plan to treat a number of my front teeth with veneers that would stretch not only across the front of my teeth but would restore the back side that had been so worn. My teeth and mouth look fantastic! Thanks to a great decision to work with Dr. Reilly, I’ve got healthy teeth, a perfect smile and the incredible feeling that goes along with it.”

– Frank M (High Bridge, NJ)


Dr. Ralph Reilly Is Extremely Proficient

“For over 40 years I was terrified to see a dentist. I hit the lottery when I found Dr. Reilly and his method of sedation dentistry. Between the compassion of his staff, the warm atmosphere of his office, and Dr. Reilly’s empathy of knowing your fear—he quickly relaxes you and you walk away after one or two sessions with years of neglect repaired and a beautiful smile I can be proud of. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Reilly and his staff sooner. Nothing gives you more self-confidence than a healthy, beautiful smile. Thanks to Dr. Reilly!!”

– Mimi S. (South Boundbrook, NJ)

“The work that was done on my teeth took about three hours—I didn’t feel or hear anything at all. What also impressed me was that Dr. Reilly called me at home that night to see how I was doing. That had never happened before. I would recommend Dr. Reilly to anyone—ESPECIALLY those people that have had bad experiences with dental work. The staff, the office itself, and Dr Reilly has no limits to their patience, compassion and dedication in order to allay the fear and anxiety of anyone that comes into their care.”

– Jana B. (Old Bridge, NJ)

“Dr. Reilly and his staff are wonderful, caring professionals who are dedicated to their patients. I am so happy that I found you and your staff, without your support I don’t think I would have the beautiful smile I have today. For anyone who is afraid of the dentist and unsure about sedation dentistry, let me tell them to “go for it”. You will be made to feel very comfortable and before you know it your treatment will be over. I felt no pain and don’t even remember the procedure at all. I am grateful to you and your staff for giving me my beautiful smile, all with sedation dentistry, and let’s not forget your dental expertise. In fact, I have had so many compliments on my “new smile” that I feel like smiling all the time.”

– Sally B. (Neshanic Station, NJ)

“I am so impressed by the quality of your Advanced Dentistry practice and the care you and your staff have given to me. It is very reassuring to be treated by a dentist who continually takes courses and stays up to date on the latest advances in dental science and technology. The quality of your work is outstanding. Equally important, is your concern about me as a patient and human being. After a dental procedure, you call me at home in the evening to see how I’m feeling. This type of patient follow-up is very rare in today’s world. I can now smile without feeling self-conscious about gaps caused by chipped teeth, as well as gray discoloration from tetracycline medications. My crowded lower teeth are now straight and my bite is perfect. The smile you gave me lights up my face! You are an artist as well as a great dentist.”

– Steve S. (Martinsville, NJ)


Deathly Afraid Of The Dentist But Need A Root Canal?

“I was pleasantly surprised to enter a most lovely waiting room smelling of coffee and cinnamon. It was so clean and cozy and beautifully furnished. As your patient, I have always experienced T.L.C.( 83-year-old seniors do not always find this so). The pleasant treatment rooms are well appointed and most comfortable. The equipment is “state of the art” and “top notch”. I truly appreciate the pain-free treatments that were clinical yet caring, precise, and professional. I was at ease at all times. At a social gathering, I was asked by someone if I had cosmetic surgery!! WOW!! Thanks to you and your staff I am now starting to feel like Joan Collins.”

– Catherine C. (Dunellen, NJ)

“Four hours later, I awoke to smiling faces. An air of satisfaction permeated the room. “Here Linda, take a look. What do you think?” “What do I think? Beautiful-just beautiful! ” I couldn’t believe it! My teeth were no longer a stubby nightmare of mismatched black, white and gray. They were heavenly white, straight and beautiful-just beautiful! Everything I did to have this procedure was worth it. And yet, I’m still afraid. I’m afraid I won’t ever be able to put my hand mirror down. After all, as I write this letter it’s been more than eight hours and I’ve looked at my teeth about a gazillion times!! I do have the best teeth in the land—thanks to Dr. Reilly and his staff!”

– Linda J. (Piscataway, NJ)