7 Benefits of Dental Implants

When we were young and lost our first tooth, it was a little unnerving until our parents reassured us a new one would grow back. Of course, we all hope that those permanent teeth will last throughout our lifetime but we know that isn’t always the case. Fortunately, for those looking to improve their quality of life, there are dental implants. They are the best possible alternative to real teeth. Implants provide numerous benefits, including:

Revived Smile: We see people on a daily basis who wish they had not waited to bring back their smile. People will often tell us they have spent years covering their smile, minimizing it or avoiding smiling all together to hide their teeth. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is getting to see our patients full of joy and relief when they see their smile back for the first time in years!

Preserved bone and facial structure: When a tooth is lost the jaw bone naturally begins reabsorption which decreases the integrity of your bone structure. The result is often a sagging jaw line. A dental implant halts reabsorption thus preserving bone and facial structure.

Health of surrounding teeth is protected from compromise: With an implant, the health of adjacent teeth are not compromised, unlike a bridge which can cause tooth decay and a greater tendency for gum disease if the recipient does not maintain proper dental care.

The most cost effective long-term option: With other procedures, the lifespan of the appliances or procedures are significantly less and may need to be replaced multiple times. An implant has the potential to last your lifetime.

Improve Quality of Life: Dental implant procedures can help improve oral health, decrease pain, increase confidence and improve ability to eat substantial foods. Imagine being able to enjoy a nice steak and corn on the cob again!

The look and function of the implants feel natural: Dental implants provide a natural aesthetic. They are reliable, predictable and function just like natural teeth!

Improved self-confidence and appearance: Our patients experience a new level of freedom as they feel free of worry and gain increased self-esteem. Imagine how this new-found confidence could help you seal a deal with a new client, fill your child or grandchild with love or make a lonely stranger’s day, all with a smile.

Implants are the most effective long-term dental procedure for tooth replacement, but it is important that you find a trusted professional to help you. Do your research while selecting the dentist you would like to assist you in this venture.

We would love to sit down with you in our Middlesex dental office and have a consultation to discuss your options. Dr. Ralph Reilly is one of New Jersey’s most experienced and most respected dentists. He has served as a clinical instructor for several years and was one of the first dentists to be certified in sedation dentistry in the state. Dr. Reilly, and Dr. Dorfman, Periodontist, are experts in total comfort dentistry. They have helped numerous patients regain their smile through dental implants. Give us a call today at (732) 356-9120 and take your first step in getting your life back!