All About Gum Disease: How to Avoid, Fight, and Recover from Gum Disease

What is so awful and difficult about gum disease? At first, the beginning of gum disease is silent. There isn’t much pain, just a little bleeding when you brush your teeth. Gum disease can progress rapidly and take only a few weeks to wreak havoc. But it can also develop over a longer period of time. As gum disease worsens more clinical signs can be picked up by seeing Middlesex dental care.

Below are some tips on gum disease treatment

Preventative care as well as how to get rid of gum disease fast

Avoid: Adding habits to your daily routine is the best way to obtain healthy gum tissue. Brushing your teeth with proper technique and at least 2 minutes is a good start to oral health. Brushing your teeth, gum tissue and tongue after each meal will help remove plaque and food debris and germs surrounding your teeth and gums. Although it adds some time to your daily routine, flossing at least once daily will also help avoid gum disease. Flossing removes the food particles and plaque that your toothbrush is unable to get to. I also recommend using the best mouthwash for gum disease as it can help remove anything else brushing and flossing may have left behind.

Fight: Fighting against gum disease is all about knowing what you are up against and following all recommendations from your Middlesex dental care. Your age, genetics, diet and tobacco use all play a role in your oral health.  Knowing what your up against and how to fight it is always half the battle.

Recover: If you have periodontal disease you should be seeing your dentist at least twice a year if not more.  You will also still need to have regularly scheduled appointments with your Middlesex dental care periodontist. They will help you assess your risk factors, the condition of your tooth root structure, and help you discover any underlying health concerns that could be exacerbating the disease, plaque levels or other risks of gum disease. They will assess what debris may need to be removed and if restructure of the gum tissue is needed to protect the tooth roots.

If you have red or swollen gum tissue or areas that tend to bleed often while brushing your teeth you need to follow up with your dentist so they can help you assess your oral care needs.

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