Insurance can be a hassle. But it does make it easier to get routine dental exams and cleanings – as most plans cover the cost of these services. That’s because insurers realize they help prevent cavities and gum disease. If not detected during exams, these problems become worse and more costly to treat. If you don’t have insurance, we don’t want you to take the chance of that happening. So we created a Dental Savings Plan.

For more information on the plan and how it works, call Advanced Dentistry at 732-506-2876 today. In the meantime, check out some good reasons to join:

  • You Can Get Regular Exams – Again, there’s a reason insurance companies so freely pay for exams and cleanings. They know they’re the best way to prevent disease and keep overall costs down. If you don’t see us regularly for these services, you put yourself at a potentially expensive risk for dental problems. Our Dental Savings Plan covers the cost of at least two exams and cleanings a year. Also included are fluoride treatments to help stop cavities and a set of X-rays to help us detect problems before they can be seen by the naked eye. 
  • You’ll Save on Many Services – Our plan also offers savings of 10 percent on many of our services. This includes treatments that are typically not covered by insurance, like teeth whitening and implants. 
  • Payment Is Never Complicated – With insurance, claims are sometimes denied. You may delay services to work around benefit limits. You may need to meet certain criteria before services are approved. That can be pretty stressful! With our plan, a low annual fee covers the cost of exams and cleanings. You’ll receive free consultations for elective services, and save 10 percent on many other services too. It’s that easy! 
  • You Can Make the Right Decisions for Your Smile – We never want you to choose one service instead of another simply because of insurance coverage. Or worse – delay a treatment to avoid benefit limits. Yet we’ve seen this a lot in our years of practice. Our Dental Savings Plan offers savings on most services. So hopefully you and your dentist can make decisions based simply on what is best for you – without worrying about what insurance will pay. 

Interested in our Dental Savings Plan? Call 732-506-2876 for more information or to make an appointment to visit our Middlesex, NJ office.