2020 hasn’t gone as well as any of us would have liked. Nevertheless, we want to give you a reason to smile, or at least a healthy smile, before the new year arrives.

Our team at Advanced Dentistry in Middlesex, NJ wants to support your efforts to maintain and improve your oral health. It’s why we encourage you to brush and floss daily and to visit us soon for a year-end dental cleaning and exam.

If you haven’t scheduled your next dental checkup yet, call 732-506-2876 today to make an appointment with us.

Keep Your Smile & Your Benefits

If you have dental insurance, you have an added incentive to schedule a professional cleaning before the end of the year.

Most dental insurance plans are intended to encourage preventive care. As a result, most of them cover all or most of the cost of routine checkups. (Be sure to check your policies for details.) At the same time, dental plans are generally approved for a specific time period, and often that coincides with the calendar year.

If you have been paying dental premiums all year, you have been paying for the benefit mentioned above. Don’t lose something you’ve essentially already paid for. Visit us soon to take advantage of your coverage and to keep your smile healthy.

Stay Flexible

If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, too. We accept a variety of payment options. We also have another service that can save you money on preventive care.

By signing up for our in-house Dental Savings Plan, you can pay an annual fee.

This plan includes two exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments per year and one set X-rays annually. Fluoride is a mineral that makes your teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. X-rays allow us to monitor changes to your teeth. As a plan member, you also can receive discounts on a variety of restorative dentistry and free consultations regarding elective services.

We also want you to know that we have made some changes recently as a result of COVID-19. Safety has always been a priority, but we have implemented additional protocols in light of this virus. We’ve also started offering Virtual Smile Assessments. If you are interested in making changes to our smile, you can send pictures to us via email. Be sure to include an explanation of what you would like to change. One of our doctors will reach out to you after examining the information you have provided.

Give Yourself A Reason To Smile In The New Year

We want everyone to begin 2021 with a healthy smile. We will be happy to clean your teeth and examine your mouth to close 2020. Don’t take chances with your oral health. Being proactive can prevent or address problems before they become painful and expensive to treat.

Protect your smile. Plan a visit to our office before the new year arrives. Call Advanced Dentistry in Middlesex, NJ at 732-506-2876 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.