Middlesex Smile Makeovers At Advanced Dentistry

Many New Jersey dental patients have experienced a boost in self-confidence by undergoing restorative or cosmetic dentistry at Advanced Dentistry in Middlesex. I’m Dr. Ralph Reilly of Advanced Dentistry. ...
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Is Plainfield Flossing out of Fear?

Most Middlesex men and women know that flossing is an important part of oral health. The value of this simple yet essential exercise in oral hygiene has been shown ...
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It’s Not About Vanity, New Jersey

Since 1985, Advanced Dentistry has been providing confidence and dignity to our amazing Plainfield and Middlesex patients through restorative dentistry and dental implants. Many Middlesex people seem to have ...
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Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Here is the Advanced Dentistry guide to treating teeth grinding. Understand Most teeth grinding will occur while sleeping. Consistent teeth grinding might be suspected with a sore jaw and ...
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Smile Perfection in Middlesex

The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore. -Author Unknown We are perfectionists at Advanced Dentistry where we create perfect smiles for ...
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