7 Tips for Proper Care of Braces

There are many different reasons people may need braces. Overcrowding, misalignment, TMJ and other reasons that may range from chronic pain to waiting a more aesthetically pleasing look. Whatever ...
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Is Your Child Ready For The Dentist?

One of the cutest things in life is seeing a little baby’s big smile with a couple tiny teeth peeking out. I’m sure one of the last things you ...
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Is There a Quality Difference Between a Manual and Electric Toothbrush

There are pros and cons for both a manual and electric toothbrush but when it comes to a quality clean, manual toothbrushes can’t even compare to an electric toothbrush. ...
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How To Develop Good​ ​Dental​ Hygiene ​Habits​ For Your Children At Home

Help your child keep their teeth for a lifetime! Training your child at a young age, how to remove the plaque that would eventually cause tooth decay will help ...
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Are You Brushing Correctly?

Plaque is the enemy. Imagine a tiny invisible army that is attacking your teeth all day, and evening if you are not brushing properly. It is a sticky invisible ...
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7 Solutions to Grinding Your Teeth

One of the strongest muscles in the human body is the masseter muscle which is the muscle you see in your cheek when you clench your teeth. Did you ...
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