Teeth Whitening Get Professional Whitening Today
  • Enjoy results that beat drugstore products
  • Go up to eight shades whiter in 45 minutes
  • Dental Savings Plan members save on home whitening

Teeth Whitening in Middlesex, NJ

The fastest way to freshen the appearance of your smile is with teeth whitening in Middlesex. You’ll smile more confidently with added pearl in your pearly whites! We offer professional teeth whitening treatments from respected brand Zoom.

Our treatments will:

  • Get your teeth up to eight shades whiter in about 45 minutes
  • Yield results better than drugstore whitening products
  • Use custom-made whitening trays to ensure complete coverage
  • Allow you to relax while we do all the whitening work for you
  • Take years off your smile so you look younger

If you want a brighter smile, call Advanced Dentistry at 732-506-2876. We’ll be happy to customize your teeth whitening treatment to meet your needs and goals. Members of our Dental Savings Plan receive 10 percent off take-home whitening.

Get a Lustrous, White Smile & Make It Last

Professional teeth whitening is one of our fastest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry services. And you can rest assured that you are receiving it from an experienced cosmetic dentist. Dr. Reilly has completed extensive cosmetic coursework at the Las Vegas Institute and many other recognized organizations. He also has been named Best Cosmetic Dentist by Talk of the Town and teaches aesthetic dentistry courses at New York University College of Dentistry and Baylor University.

Once your smile looks bright, you’ll want to maintain its whiter appearance. We make that easy:

  • After your office treatment, your custom-made whitening trays are yours.
  • For a nominal fee, you can purchase professional-strength bleaching gel from us to use at home with your trays.

Enjoy Spa-Like Amenities During Professional Teeth Whitening

After your teeth whitening treatment, your friends may notice a change in your appearance and wonder if you’ve gotten a facial at a spa. We won’t give you a facial during your treatment, but we will provide you with many spa-like amenities, including:

  • Paraffin treatment to moisturize your hands
  • A neck pillow and heated blanket to keep you cozy in our chair

You can also catch up on favorite TV programming while we whiten your teeth.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in Middlesex, call us at 732-506-2876 today or schedule online. You can schedule at a time that’s convenient for you with our early morning and late evening hours.

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Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Will teeth whitening work on caps?

Teeth whitening will not work on dental crowns (caps) or on other restorations like fillings and veneers. If you are thinking of whitening your teeth and know you’ll be getting a restoration, we recommend whitening before the restorative work is done. That way, our dentists can match the color of the restoration to your other teeth.

Will teeth whitening remove brown stains?

Teeth whitening is effective on many, but not all, stains. Whitening may not be able to remove brown stains caused by certain medications. Brown stains are also a symptom of celiac disease, and they won’t respond to whitening. In addition, stains caused by fluorosis (too much fluoride) are irreversible. In these cases, we can typically cover staining with a bonding treatment or veneers.

Which teeth whitening treatment is best?

Professional whitening treatments, like those offered in our office, are more effective than products sold in the toothpaste aisle of your drugstore. They contain a higher concentration of whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. In addition, we can make custom whitening trays for you using impressions of your teeth. The trays make it easy to get a great-looking smile without irritating your gums.

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