Give Yourself a Reason to Smile Boldly & Brightly

If you have had a lackluster experience elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to try again. At Advanced Dentistry, we make it easy to get your oral health back on track even if you have been away for a while by providing every patient access to the most advanced technology and techniques. That’s part of our name, after all! From regular checkups to total smile makeovers, you will be well cared for while we are working on your smile goals.

Besides all that, we offer fresh coffee and home-made bread so that you’ll never have to feel like you are in an uncomfortable medical facility! Oh, and if you are even a little bit anxious about getting back to the dentist, we can provide dental sedation along with a chenille blanket to help take you away from your worries! Below are just a few of the many services we can provide you with to increase the health and appearance of your smile, along with your overall confidence:

  • General Dentistry – All through life you will need to keep up with regular teeth cleanings and oral exams. Some folks will also need gum disease therapy to reverse the effects of periodontal disease. Your kids may need athletic mouthguards to protect their teeth and gums. Everyone can take advantage of sealants and more will help to preserve a beautiful smile. For your convenience, we have digital X-rays, painless numbing gel, and lasers to simplify the process.
  • Smile Makeovers – If the years have been unkind to your smile, we can help. We are prepared to help whiten your teeth, straighten them or close any unseemly gaps with clear aligners, smooth over chips and cracks, and even out your gum-to-tooth ratio. You can come in for a stand-alone solution or opt to combine multiple treatments all at once.
  • Restorative Dentistry – When you must repair damaged teeth, eradicate the infection, or replace teeth that have been lost, we can set you up with restorations that will last. We can even handle dental implants from start to finish without having to outsource any aspect of that procedure. The ability to do such things in-house saves you time, money, and hassle in the end.
  • Oral Surgery – You can rest easy knowing that we have a board-certified periodontist and board-certified anesthesiologist on staff. Plus, you can trust us for tooth extractions and procedures to prepare your mouth for dental implants.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment – If loud, persistent snoring or full-blown sleep apnea is a problem, we have an easy solution! Our sleep apnea appliances can help you get the healthy, restful sleep you need without the need for a noisy and intrusive CPAP machine.

If you are ready for a dentist in Westfield who can handle all your dental needs in-house, call Advanced Dentistry today at 732-506-2876, or fill out our online form.