Flossing Facts

I think every kid loves to play the game of hide and seek! It can last for hours especially if you find the perfect hiding spot! I remember as a child once you found the best spot you never told where you hid. People would eventually give up looking for you and you felt like you won the ultimate game of hide and seek.

Plaque can play a great game of hide and seek too! It loves to hide out in hard to reach places and build up causing cavities, gum disease, and other complications. So let’s talk for a minute about the importance of flossing.

Importance of Flossing

WHY: Flossing between the gaps in your teeth where plaque likes to build up can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. Since millions of bacteria like to stick around in your mouth, making the effort to floss will help eliminate some of the hiding bacteria. Flossing helps prevent bad breath and is significantly more effective than brushing your teeth alone. Also removing food particles between teeth can help prevent inflammation of the gum tissue.

HOW OFTEN: Flossing your teeth daily will help remove plaque and prevent plaque from building up. Picking a time during the day and sticking with it is helpful in making it part of your daily routine. I like to recommend doing it every night so your teeth are the cleanest while sleeping. Since that is the longest amount of time in the 24 hour period that food could attack teeth if something were wedged between them it is most effective at that time. We also recommend flossing as needed like when you notice food particles stuck in between your teeth.

WHAT IT DOES: Flossing helps clean the hard to reach surface of your teeth which helps prevent tooth decay that comes with food attacking the surface of your teeth. Not only does it help prevent tooth decay but it helps maintain the health of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and can keep halitosis at bay.

If you struggle with flossing there are many different options other than the traditional flossing with two fingers. You can try a floss holder, tooth floss picks or water picks. Visit with your dentist and they can help you determine if what you are currently using is effectively cleaning the surface between your teeth or not.

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