New Year, New Smile, New Jersey

Most of us have resolved to make a change for 2017, remember that promise you made to yourself a month ago? If your resolution is to get healthy, remember that oral health is important to overall health! A healthy smile means a healthier you. The best and easiest way to maintain your oral health is through regular checkups and cleaning. Two checkups per year coupled with good home hygiene habits will help you maintain a strong, healthy smile.

Every month we have patients visit us to fix a nagging issue or dental emergency. The story of the visit is often familiar: they avoided the dentist because they were embarrassed about the condition of their teeth, but avoiding the dentist only caused the problem to get worse. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we want you to understand – we are a NO JUDGEMENT office! We don’t care about your past, our only focus is addressing your current condition and helping you regain confidence and overall oral health.

-Dr. Reilly

Dr. Ralph Reilly is consistently named one of New Jersey’s best dentists. The Advanced Dentistry team specializes in creating a relaxing, judgement-free, dental experience. Contact our Middlesex, New Jersey office to schedule an appointment.