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advanced dentistry Ralph Reilly DMDThe modern jaw isn’t what it used to be. At one time, we could have accommodated the molars that are known as wisdom teeth. But that’s not the case anymore. Now, our wisdom teeth are just a few teeth too many.

That’s why Dr. Ralph S. Reilly and his team at Advanced Dentistry  offer wisdom tooth extractions. A wisdom tooth extraction can be performed in a single visit and will help young patients prevent crowding, impaction, or a wide range of other oral health problems.

A patient’s wisdom teeth will begin coming in sometime between the ages of 15 to 25. Because of that, Dr. Reilly starts looking for signs of development in patients who are around 11 or older. To prevent any serious oral health issues, patient should have their wisdom teeth extracted sometime at or before the ages of 17 to 19.

Using our Middlesex office’s contemporary tools and oral sedation, we can give patients a comfortable experience that will help them preserve their healthy smile going forward.

The Alternatives to a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If wisdom teeth are allowed to come in, that could result in crowding that pushes other teeth out of alignment, potentially causing jaw pain, gum disease, or a lifetime of other oral health issues. Partially-erupted wisdom teeth give bacteria a place to gather and multiply, possibly leading to an infection, a cyst, or a tumor. Other problems include pain or swelling.

With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see how important it is to have wisdom teeth extracted. If you have a son or daughter who needs to have his or her wisdom teeth removed, contact Advanced Dentistry today. During a consultation visit, our team of experts can explain how the procedure will work and how it will benefit your teen’s smile.

We can also talk to you about how oral sedation can make the experience comfortable and relaxing. Call us today. Helping patients preserve or reclaim their good oral health is our number one goal.