Dentures Call For Lifelike Replacement Teeth
  • Enjoy a natural smile again with All-on-4® implants
  • Eat more of the foods you love
  • Save 10% on dentures with Dental Savings Plan

Dentures in Middlesex, NJ

If you are missing teeth, you are not alone. For centuries, people have come up with all kinds of ways to replace lost teeth. Thankfully, you can get dentures in Middlesex, NJ.

Today’s dentures:

  • Look natural
  • Allow you to eat more of your favorite foods
  • Feel comfortable
  • Bring back your confidence in your smile

Our team at Advanced Dentistry will be happy to discuss your needs so you can choose the denture option that is right for you. Call 732-506-2876 to make an appointment today! Members of our Dental Savings Plan receive 10 percent off dentures.

Find the Right Dentures for Your Smile

Dentures have been around in some shape or form for thousands of years. Modern materials make today’s dentures more lifelike and more comfortable than they’ve ever been. Even so, you still have a choice to make depending on what you want your replacement teeth to do. Here are your options at Advanced Dentistry:

  • Traditional Dentures – This is probably what comes to mind when you think of dentures. It’s a low-cost option to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. With advances in dentistry, modern dentures are comfortable, highly effective, and a great solution for patients who are missing their teeth.
  • All-on-4® – Using four dental implants, Dr. Reilly and our team can anchor implants to your jawbone and attach a set of replacement teeth – often all in one day. Implants make replacement teeth stronger and more secure so you can eat more foods. Implants also keep you from suffering bone loss in your jaw and prevent you from looking older before your time.
  • Facelift Dentures™ – Made with special techniques to help avoid a face that sags or appears sunken, these custom dentures fit perfectly.
  • Temporary Dentures – We can make temporary dentures you’ll be able to wear right after a tooth extraction. They can later be converted to an All-on-4 fixed restoration or replaced with your custom-fit dentures.

You also can get mini dental implants, which are smaller than standard implants but provide similar benefits. If you choose to get implants, we will use cone beam imaging, which creates a three-dimensional model of your mouth, to plan your implant placement. We can perform your procedure painlessly with the help of dental sedation.

Finding the right dentures will help you feel like yourself again. Whether you are interested in the cosmetic benefits, having functional teeth replacements, or both, you can get what you want with the right teeth replacements.

For dentures in Middlesex, call 732-506-2876 or schedule an appointment online.

Common Questions About Dentures

What dentures are the best to get?

That depends on a number of factors, including your lifestyle, your oral health, and your budget. We offer dental implant dentures, which will prevent the loss of bone mass that otherwise happens after losing teeth. But if implants aren’t right for you, you can choose traditional dentures or Facelift Dentures, which use special techniques to prevent sagging and other unattractive effects associated with some dentures.

What if my dentures don’t fit right?

We will carefully measure you to ensure an attractive and comfortable fit. However, you will likely require periodic relinings to maintain a good fit for traditional dentures. That’s because over time the bone in your jaw can shrink, which affects how dentures fit in your mouth. With implant dentures, no relining will be required.

Are dentures permanent?

Dentures aren’t meant to be permanent. Dentures typically last about 10 years. You may need to have traditional dentures relined a few times during that period to maintain a snug and comfortable fit. Our dentists will closely examine your dentures during your regular exams, so they are able to advise you on when to replace them.

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