Root Canals in Middlesex, NJ

If there is any one dental procedure that has a bad reputation, it’s the root canal. Yet the reputation is largely undeserved. The procedure doesn’t cause pain; it gets you out of the pain caused by an infected tooth. Because of their negative reputation, we understand you may be nervous at the prospect of this treatment. But with our comfortable root canals in Middlesex, you don’t need to be.

We’ll make sure your root canal therapy goes smoothly with:

  • A dentist who has trained in the latest root canal techniques
  • Advanced technology like our 3-D imaging, which helps us better plan your procedure
  • A compassionate team who knows how to put you at ease
  • Comforts like warm blankets and neck pillows to keep you relaxed throughout your procedure
  • Our pain-free method of administering local anesthesia
  • A choice of several kinds of dental sedation to relieve any anxiety you feel

If you think it’s possible you need a root canal, call 732-506-2876 right away.

Our highly trained dentists can get a good look at the interior of your tooth with our 3-D imaging before your procedure starts. Because of this, they can usually complete your root canal procedure in just one appointment. This includes sealing your tooth with a temporary crown after they remove all the infection. You’ll simply return to our office later for your final dental crown.

Avoid Tooth Replacement With Root Canal Therapy

While relieving pain is the most pressing reason to get root canal treatment, it’s not the only one. Without treatment, you’ll lose your tooth. Keeping your tooth intact avoids the need for a dental implant or other replacement tooth. A replacement tooth will cost you time and money. Plus, if you choose not to replace the lost tooth, it can cause a variety of dental problems, like:

  • Bone loss in your jaw
  • Nearby teeth shifting out of place
  • Greater susceptibility to gum disease

You don’t have to worry about root canals in Middlesex! Call 732-506-2876 to schedule a problem-free procedure, or make an appointment online.