Say "NO" to Mercury Fillings: Choose a Mercury-Free Dentist

Popularly known as the amalgam fillings, mercury fillings are a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and some other metals. Since mercury comprises 40-50 percent of the mixture, it is called mercury filling. Though, mercury fillings are the oldest forms of fillings, recently its use has been substantially curtailed down by dental health practitioners all across the world due to the lethal effects these fillings might cause.

Several scientists and medical practitioners in the US and other countries have pointed out the potential risks of using mercury for tooth fillings. Mercury is found to be extremely harmful for the human body and is believed to be the main cause of night blindness, breathing problems, neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and many other health disorders. When used for tooth fillings, mercury releases in the form of vapours all through the day while you are busy chewing food, talking, and doing other activities and dissolves in to the bloodstream, thus posing serious health hazards.

Other harmful effects of mercury fillings include rashes, inflammation, damage of healthy elements of the tooth, and permanent damage to the teeth. As well as affecting the human body, mercury fillings have been found as detrimental to the environment too. The amalgam scrap left over after the mercury filling procedure is completed is not environmentally-friendly.

With so many dangerous effects of mercury fillings, it is advisable to go for mercury-free dentistry. Mercury free dentistry, as is self-suggestive, does not use mercury for filling cavities or root canal. Mercury free dentistry involves the use of biocompatible dental materials like porcelain and white-fillings. By encouraging the use of biocompatible dental materials and procedures, the mercury-free dentist strives for a healthy and safe dental treatment.

The mercury-free dentist is aware of mercury detoxification methods. If the patients already have mercury fillings, the mercury-free dentist first detoxifies the body of all the harmful substances and metals through several medical procedures and techniques like metal analysis, vitamin flushes, specialized evacuation tests, and post treatment dietary regimen.

If you wish to avail the services of a mercury-free dentist in NJ, you may consider Dr. Reilly. Dr. Reilly is a member of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), the membership organization for dental, medical and research professionals who seek to promote mercury-free dentistry, and raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in dental practice.

Dr. Reilly has undergone special trainings for replacing mercury fillings with biocompatible restoration options. He follows the best procedure for mercury removal and promises healthy gums and teeth to his patients. Dr. Reilly also offers cosmetic dentistry in NJ and holistic dentistry in NJ.

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