Seeking Mercury Free Dentistry is Good for Your Health

Cosmetic dentists in NJ and patients today have several choices when it comes to choosing materials to repair the worn, damaged, missing, or decayed teeth. Use of mercury fillings has been in controversy for quite some time now, mainly because of the adverse effects it may cause to the patient’s health.

Also it has been observed that over time, mercury fillings split the tooth just like a wedge. As you continue to chew, with time, the filling splits the tooth making your condition even worse. This is a good example why a number of people down the road need root canal surgeries; their tooth splits, nerves get damaged, thus needing further help. It is where the importance of mercury free dentist comes into the picture.

Although mercury fillings are inexpensive, most people today are looking for a holistic, mercury free dentist, particularly for removing their mercury amalgam fillings known for causing heavy metal contamination in the body. By opting for a mercury free dentist who does not make use of products containing mercury for routine dental care, you will be able to better take care of your overall health. The presence of mercury in the body can lead to serious health problems, and removing mercury amalgams is a crucial step on the road to restoring your good health.

If you are looking for a practitioner of mercury free dentistry, keep in mind certain points to make sure the dentist is right for you. It is essential to ensure that the dentist uses bio-compatible dental materials that do not contain any mercury. You can inquire about crowns if you need them, and try to make sure they are made from noble metals like gold or solid porcelain and contain no mercury. Most of the dentists who practice mercury-free holistic dentistry do not make use of any material that contains metals of any kind. It is also advisable to take a tour of the mercury-free dentist’s office and examine the room where you will be treated. This is important to check if there is enough ventilation or not.

The cost of mercury-free fillings is normally moderate and depends on the size of the filling as well as the technique used by the dentist to place it in the prepared tooth. So, wait no more and avail the services of amercury free dentist right away! Visit for more details.