Some Advantages that a Holistic Dentist NJ Offers

Holistic dentists are enjoying a great popularity in New Jersey and other parts of the world due to the several advantages offered by them. The first and the most important advantage is the concern the holistic dentist NJ has for the overall health and well-being of the person. The holistic dentist believes that the human body is one single unit and any defect or disorder in one part of the body affects the other parts as well. Mouth infection or pain in gums would definitely affect the entire body by causing pains and aches.

The holistic dentist NJ therefore offers natural oral health treatment to treat dental defects. Rather than using surgeries, antibiotics, silver fillings, and amalgams for treating infected gums, chipped and broken tooth, and other dental problems, the holistic dentist uses alternative therapies like homeopathy, mercury-free fillings, and use of biocompatible dental material for tooth restoration.

The holistic dentist NJ also gives special dietary recommendations for clean and healthy teeth and body. He advises his patients to avoid the intake of certain foods and beverages which contain harmful toxins that affect the body.

Another advantage that the holistic dentist NJ offers is that he does not use the diagnostic equipment and technologies that harm the body like X-rays, laser beams, and other such techniques. The holistic dentist uses only those medical procedures and equipment that are 100% safe and secure for the body.

If you wish to avail the services of the holistic dentist for tooth fillings, teeth whitening, tooth restoration, or dental makeover NJ, you may consider Dr. Reilly. He is a renowned dentist NJ who has been practising holistic dentistry for several years.

Dr. Reilly has undergone special trainings in the holistic dentistry. A member of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), he follows the best dental procedures and medical techniques that aim to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in dental practice.

As well as holistic dentist, Dr. Reilly is an expert cosmetic dentist and sedation dentist NJ. He offers a wide range of dental treatments including teeth whitening, bonding, inlays, crowns, veneers, mercury-free fillings, and lot more.

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