Why Opt for Holistic Dentistry?

Our body is just like a well-oiled machine! As one small part can make all the difference in the functioning of a machine, a small ailment or cure in one part of the body can have repercussions on the whole body. By using this interdependence of the body as a premise, holistic dentist NJ believes that oral or mouth infections and abnormalities can adversely affect the working of the entire body, and so curing dental problems can lead to the cure of other ailments in your body as well.

Holistic dentistry works in combination with other significant aspects of medical science, such as nutrition and complimentary medicine like homeopathy for treating tooth problems, and resorts to surgery only as a last option. Holistic dentists make less use of antibiotics and more use of bio-compatible fillings for their dental work.

Facts Related To Holistic Dentistry

  • A holistic dentist NJ makes use of bio-compatible materials for treating teeth-related problems, thus relieving your body of added toxins and metals.
  • More than the symptoms, the holistic dentists focus on the causes of your tooth problems. To reach the right diagnosis and cure, they may use different fields of medicine. This form of dentistry may borrow from complimentary medicine as well.
  • In comparison to regular dentistry, holistic dentistry is not as painful, however the treatment may take longer. The holistic dentist NJ advises his patients to alter their lifestyle and eating habits to help their teeth stay healthy.
  • Taking proper care of your gums is very crucial. Some of the recent studies have shown the co-relation of periodontal diseases with heart diseases. Holistic dentists make the treatment of gums painless and natural. The cure for gum diseases in holistic dentistry is far less invasive than in regular dentistry. A holistic dentist NJ will always try to follow through a balanced and progressive program for protecting your gums before advising on a more aggressive approach for your periodontal care.
  • A holistic dentist NJ replaces amalgams and fillings with mercury free and metal free bio-compatible materials, which are less toxic and much easier to maintain, and also last longer. These materials used for fillings, teeth bonding, and even bridges appear more natural and beautiful.
  • Biting properly is very important to ensure proper digestion. Sometimes, if the jaw does not close properly or your teeth at the back do not touch each other, it can be really harmful for your body in the long run.

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